GoPoint Ltd. - By far the worst company I have ever reached out to.

Very first interview went incredibly well, filled with great impressions on both ends. Company management asked me what was I doing with NCR, if I am able to perform Aloha POS upgrades, if I am familiar with the system. My answers to all of those questions were positive. The next set of questions was related to ATMs, ISS45 (Oncore)/ Storepoint and self-service checkouts, to which I replied that I have never done troubleshooting for those, that I am willing to learn and they offered to organize appropriate training, to which I was very much looking forward. They also said they were "suitably impressed with my experience and knowledge of NCR products". It was also very pleasing to hear from the general manager that the company does not mind me continuing to work at my current job, quote "what you do outside of the working hours is none of the company's business". Until the second interview, the entire communication went through emails, where they offered me a salary, provided some "getting to and around the island" links and how the visa process would work. After some thorough research, I found out that the salary of 60k $$$/yr that they offered was below average (85k $$$/yr) and after asking for 90k $$$/yr for my service, they reply with: "Just so you are also aware, the average salary is inflated in Bermuda due to it being a hub for Reinsurance companies (Tax havens). This means there are an unusually large number of extremely senior CEO’s CFO’s, VP’s etc". Second interview came along, during which they decide to raise the offer to 75K $$$/yr, which was fine with me for starters. They asked me again about the learning process regarding ATMs and self-service checkouts, whether I am able to perform Aloha POS upgrades and willing to share my knowledge with the team, to all of which I replied positively. In the meantime, several emails came with the exact same questions regarding the Aloha POS support, which I have been working on for several years now and to all of the questions I have responded positively, again. Third interview arrived and the new management joins in, saying that the company and the building where the company is based was bought by that person, but this time - the previous 2 people were present. One was in the office with the owner, and the other one was remotely connected to the session. I was asked the exact same questions again and told they will reach out to me in a couple of days with their decision. By the way, it is important to mention that during the first two interviews, the general manager of the company mentioned that there were some changes in the company policies and that they would like to add young members to the team, mixing up enthusiasm with experience - which was actually great for me. That turned out into series of questions regarding my relocation in the next month or two, since some of their members left and one of them had to leave the company due to military obligations. Also, I asked what is the policy regarding health insurance for the third time through the email communication, and I asked the question again on the interview, where the company said that they are willing to cover a small portion of the policy and I would take care of the rest, which was not really satisfying, but they finally decided to cover a month of accomodation after relocating, which was fine. Afterwards, I was connected with the representative of HR, communication was taking place through emails mostly and somewhat through WhatsApp, which was also fine. The HR person asked me just a few questions - am I married, will my girlfriend relocate there in the future and my current citizenship (with which passport should I arrive to the company), so that they can fill out the needed section of the visa application. Few days later, that number disappeared from my WhatsApp contacts' list, so I continued communication with the general manager. Communication was proceeding as usual; the company asked for updates every week, I gave them all the steps I had taken accordingly and underlined several times that due to the Covid-19 situation in my country, the regular administrative procedures are being further elongated, and the company was fine with that. During this communication, I was taking a course for a certified NCR Counterpoint Installer, and they also asked for the first and last name of the person who was providing the lessons and the test, so that they can do a background check with NCR on their end. Later that week the company asked me explicitly if I would quit my current job and dedicate completely to the job they offered me, to which I replied there is no need for resigning, because both companies are based in different timezones, there was no crossover between shifts, and promised the second job would not affect my commitment to GoPoint. One thing to underline - throughout every course of action with the company, they were asking me to, as part of my job, to assist customers with system upgrades, system maintenance etc. After consideration, they sent me a full-time contract with the position described as "NCR Field Technician", and then changed to "NCR Trained Field Technician" in the contract, but as the email communication progressed further, they changed my job title to "Sales Tech". Bear in mind - I never said I was a sales technician, nor a trained field technician, but a software support specialist. When I asked them about the option of working remotely for them (which I am doing for almost 6 years now), they said that they have no idea how to implement it and that the only option for them was - relocation. The salary in the contract was also changed to 70k without announcement, even though they had previously offered 75k. The company also scheduled a "Meet the team" conference call only a few days after I was hired, but that meeting was not approved nor confirmed on my end, it just appeared on my calendar. After saying that I was in the middle of my training course for Counterpoint and that I cannot attend the meeting because I was informed about it, the management decided to postpone it for two months, which was supposed to be right before my relocation. After a few days, company emailed me that they do not want to proceed with the relocation, quote "Based on our recent correspondence, your slow responses getting back documentation and your lack of willingness to solely commit to working just for GoPoint once in Bermuda, we have made the decision not to progress further with your application" - even though they were aware of the administration's procedures and they were perfectly fine with all of my hobbies, jobs etc. outside of working hours. Utterly disappointed with them. It is fascinating how a company can be unprofessional.

🇧🇲 GoPoint Ltd.