Paragon Adventure Club-PAC - Worst travelling company ever

Pathetic service, they gave us APV car for our trip which was in poor condition, during the whole we were not able to use AC once bcoz the car got heated up not even when we were travelling from challas which is extremely hot, at khunjrab pass, the back wheel caught fire and my old mother, kids and whole family was stuck there at night in chilling weather, somehow we got help from strangers and managed to reach hunza and stayed there on our own they apologised and ensure that vehicle is fine after 14 hours but again when we were coming from babusar top, the break got failed while going down from height n by grace of Allah we were saved, again we took lift from strangers and reached Naran. Surprisingly every time we complain to driver about car he used to say "yah toh hota hy". my husband got so furious and shouted at Mr. Asif that we won't see this driver and car again then thy arranged another driver and car and we were surprised that thy made us suffer so much when they have gud cars as well. After going through hell when my husband told him that he will deduct % of payment, they literally send a tall badmash and threat us that they won't let us leave. At that time my husband's priority was our security so made the payment and we reached Karachi. They are just greedy for money and don't care about people's life.

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