We arrived at 6.30pm and it was nowhere near full and they said they'd have to check if they had room. They sat us at the wobbly table. We saw 2 lots of people leave the table next to us because it was ridiculously wobbly. Meal was half okay but no decent vegetables. I went to pay. I realised I was $10 under. I had wanted to pay for the whole meal because my partner had paid for our whole weekend so far. I said, "Excuse me, I just need to get some more money". The woman told me that I had to leave something valuable of mine with her. I was 10 steps from our table. I refused. I have never been to a restaurant before where we pay nearly $100 for two mains and 2 drinks each and I'm treated like I'm a common thief. That's it for me with this place

3 years ago by Anonymous
#1108 Rating 1/5

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