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Full of young extremely drunk kids, try eat with that all around you with a young child!! Staff don't know left from right Good beers I must say and good manager-- how long they will keep him for is a simple answer-- not long at all, the place doesn't deserve him! Food is at best average, mostly bought in and re heated-- just look through the menus,, the advert on the gazette (local paper) stated from the owner that pubs are known for rubbish food,, well the one 20 yards away The Albert is Hands down 100% better in all aspects, the food is mostly home made there, the owners actually work on a daily basis, not just sitting looking busy or drinking and counting profits!!! Please don't buy another in town your just wasting good properties for people that care and don't just care about the profits!!!! ( leave spinnery alone, you don't deserve it)!!!

4 years ago by Anonymous
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Anonymous 3 years ago
I guess you own the pub you mention next door ! Stop your jealousy and try and compete