Mlilo Community Tours & Safaris Limited - We offer Cave Exploration, Mountain Climbing, Landscape photographing, Nature and Village walks,etc

The Company Mlilo Community Tours and Safaris is the only company targeting to promote the community. Mlilo packages are designed to uphold the principles of ecotourism by ensuring that your interaction with hosting communities supports local conservation initiatives. Mlilo will provide high quality tour guides accredited by the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association at no extra cost. This touring company will take you off the beaten track into the very pristine cultural exchange, within the community areas in Kenya, by providing you with an opportunity to interact with the community as well as discovering various places and our rich wildlife. More than a classic safari, Mlilo Community Tours and Safaris also give you the opportunity to explore the Tsavo National Park: the only remaining ecosystem in Kenya as well as the Taita hills: the only highlands in Kenya where the Eastern Arc Mountains and the Nyika meet. It’s the hub of unique landscapes, rich biodiversity and endemism. Our Company Website:

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Mlilo Community Tours and Safaris is the only Community run tour company targeting to promote the Community Based Tourism Concept; by getting the communities engage in tourism enterprises with long term gains. In such a perspective Mlilo closely works with Eco-tourism stakeholders aiming at diversifying tourism into the community areas and also enjoys the support from Ministry of Tourism, Kenya Wildlife Service, Eco Tourism Kenya, Provincial Administration, Kenya Forest Services, National Environment Management Authority, Mombasa Coast Tourist Association and Kenya Community Based Tourism Network. Our work and collaborations have allowed more than 60 projects to take life