Automotorental (car & moto rental Thessaloniki) - * AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS * !

TL;DR: Beware; this company will try to keep your deposit by any means necessary. Had a tiny incident on a rented vehicle that would cost less than 50 EUR to repair, and they wanted to keep the whole 1000 EUR of deposit. If you don't wanna get ripped off, read the other reviews, walk away and find another rental company! Long story: I rented a motorcycle with them for 3 days. At a gas station on the first day, I fell on one side of the bike and broke the tip of the right side brake lever + had some mini-scratches on the right hand side luggage box. Definitely nothing serious, so I continued happily on my adventures for the next 3 days. When I went to give the bike back, I went to several different bike shops in Thessaloniki so I could be nice and give the bike back with a fresh new brake lever. The highest price I was quoted (for a genuine article), was 18 EUR + labour. It was too late to actually do the deed, so I went back to the shop to give back the bike. With the lady at the counter, we checked together the bike, assessed the few scratches on one of the rear boxes and the brake, took some pictures, and I agreed I would be happy, of course, to pay for the replacement of the brake lever with the deposit! Little did I know. A couple of days later, I received an invoice from the company stating that I should pay 627€ to replace the luggage boxes entirely (for scratches! It's like changing the entire door of a car for a scratch!), 175€ for the handlebars (for no reason) + the brake lever + some money for labour + some money for painting etc. They were saying I had 2 separate accidents on both sides of the bike. They were literally overcharging on everything + trying to make me accountable for things that did not occur when I had the bike (there was already loads of scratches when i first got the bike, I have photos I took before getting the bike to prove it, but they couldn't care less). I replied that this was not what was agreed; not what had happened at all and refused. They responded by quoting me an even higher price of 1217 EUR, saying that I should pay for MORE damages and MORE parts! At this point, I understood that whatever I could say, they would try to keep the maximum amount of money from my deposit. So, not being in the country; what can you do? They of course know about it, and that's part of the scam. I filed a complaint with my bank and also plan to file a complaint with the Greek ombudsman. But I fear there are little to no chances of seeing my money back. I think this is a classic trick from this very ill intentioned business. I've rented bikes all over the world over the years and this has never happened to me before. I'm used to being a respectful customer and always agree and accept when my responsibility is involved. They clearly are used to doing things like that for they just refuse any form of negotiation. I'm disgusted by such practices, and would advise anyone reading this to avoid this company if you want to see your deposit back (read other reviews, I'm not the only one.),

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