- TERRIBLE company

I give 1 star only because I cannot give 0 star. It is a cheating company. A company cannot be worse than this. You shall never use this company for anything. I ordered 2 containment for different types of trash, one for tiles and one for everything. I took care of the containment all the time, I threw rubbish according to the rules. After the container is returned to the company, I got a fine from the company and they said I have thrown something wrong in the container. I checked the picture, I saw a plastic chair on the top of the tile container, which is not mine. I don't know how that happened, either my neighbor threw it, or the company threw it to cheat my company. Why it is on the top of everything and there was nothing on it before they pick it up? And they can easily remove it but they didn't. I highly doubt they do that on purpose. So I made a phone call to the company. The guy who answered the phone agreed that the system of their company is wrong, he will ask his boss withdraw the request. However, I got an email which threatened me to pay the fine and said it was all my fault. I was trying to communicate but they don't really listen to me. a few days later, they asked incasso to spam me with a lot of letter. I don't know how this company don't feel shame of themselves. I just hope no one else is going to use this company anymore.