Tand en Mondzorg Kliniek Timko - Scammers! Do not go here.

Do not go here! These people are a bunch of scammers! I have been a client for over 6 years, but what they did to me is ridiculous. Increasing the prices with 50% in just a matter of months is insane! They added codes that didn't exist before. The service is more or less. They aren't great but also not bad. After all these years I still do not know who my dentist is, I get a different one each time. Some are bad, others are worse. Only a couple of good ones, you know who you are. Also the last time that I spoke to the receptionist to make an appointment for a treatment it went very wrong. I arrived and apparently it was just a check-up and not a treatment as I had clearly discussed on the phone. This meant that I had to come back again for the actual treatment! Man, I was pissed. All this gave me a reason to switch dentists! Thank you for making this decision easy Timko. For other people, I am doing you a huge favor by telling you to skip this dentist, trust me! I never write reviews but these people really do not deserve to have clients like this. Goodbye Timko! PS Tristan you have always been amazing on the phone. I wish you the best.

🇳🇱 Tand en Mondzorg Kliniek Timko