Swami India International Limited - Total mayhem

A friend and I travelled to The Gambia to buy our dream homes as we were coming to the age of retirement , both spending a lot of money on purchasing a property each , before we purchased we were told to expect a good quality of workmanship , we were also told if we wanted to bring any extras , they would be fitted , we both shipped a lot of expensive goods , bathroom suits , kitchens , paints , and tiles , we were told we would have a choice in floor and wall tiles , paint ect , to our dismay we didn’t have any choice at all , the contract was that the house would be completed June 2021 , we paid cash for both houses on the same day , my friend is still not in her house up to date and there is still a lot of work to be done , they work is not of any standard at all , in fact it is horrendous , so anyone reading this review or thinking about purchasing from swarmi India or global properties , please be aware , anyone wishing to view the true standard before purchasing are more than welcome to come and view both properties here on the bakoteh estate