Apartmaji & wellness "Pri Adamsovih" - Škrat - Welness Disaser

Hi Everyone. In June 2016, me and my wife have visited wellness Škrat in Slovenia – terme Čatež. Our expectations about the destination were not so high according to the price we have paid for three hours of VIP wellness experience, for two persons only 25 euros. We wanted to spend some romantic time together but it was a total disaster. The place was not well maintained, claustrophobic situated in some kind of basemenet. So called jacuzee was empty - there wasn't any watter in it, so i tried to fill it but we could spend those three hours we had for relaxing only for filling the jaccuzee with watter, but ofcourse we aborted this mission and decided not to use the jacuzee instead. The so called fresh strawberries offerd within this offer and price were nothing but fresh, champagne was warm. Only the ambient with the light and realxing music were inside of our expectations. So at the end our experience about this Wellness tourned out to be a complete disaster and we left this «torture chamber« in less than an hour. I don't recommend it to anyone. Best regards. Domenico.

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