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I am really disgusted with the time it has taken for me to receive my money back for a return which I am still waiting for, I have sent countless emails to your company and received no response. This is not on, firstly I returned the item to you at the back end of July and it ‘apparently’ didn’t reach you for a while, hard to believe it takes that long. The item was received back to yourselves 28/08/16 with email of conformation to which I was advised 14 working days to receive my money back this would have taken it to 15/09/16. I emailed again on 05/09/16 to which you responded 08/09/16 to advise me to wait a further 5 days taking this to 19 working days – Still no money. I emailed yourself and the company email on 21/09/16, no reply. Then I emailed 27/09/16 again no reply! I also direct messaged on Instagram – No reply. It is now 25 Working days and I still have no refund! The no response to my emails is terrible customer service along with me not receiving the money I am owed from your company. I have respected your time frames etc and now I am getting impatient. I would like someone to respond to me either via email, telephone or letter ASAP, otherwise I will be taking further action with this matter. My contact number is 07720289017. Emails: I am really loosing my patience now. I want my refund that I am entitled to.

3 years ago by Naomi
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Katie 3 years ago
I also want my refund I bought something in July and had no response after countless emails! I guess this company is a scam and aren't going any more. I'm absolutely discussted