For 2 days the agency of the hostel were stalking us to do the Uyuni tour. Finally we did the tour and we were really dissapointed. It's the responsability of the agency to check the car before leaving. Our car was clearly not checked. The car was supposed to be a 4wheeldrive but only the 2 wheels behind worked. This is the reason why we got stuck in a river for the first day for more than six hours. It got dark and finally help came. This night we had to sleep in a creepy town, without bathrooms or water. The next day we woke up really early to make up the time we lost. After 2 hours driving one of the weels at the back came off!!! When we stopped we saw that the wheel was 10m farther. Apparently it only had one of the six bolts left! Also this the agency should have checked. It was freezing, so we walked for 15 km to a town. We called the agency and they send a new car, but without any material. Again the agency's fault! The first driver didn't want to give his material to us (for exemple the coolbox, so we had to put al the food in plastic bags. All four of us got stomach problems, and the last day one of us got really sick with vomiting and liquid diarrhea.) The second night at first there wasn't any place for us left in the hostal because we were one day late, also the responsability of the agency. We were promised that the responsible of the agency (Mirabelle) would wait for us when we arrived in Uyuni to talk about a compensation, but she send a co-worker. The co-worker clearly had the task to minalize everything that happened to not give a compensation. When we wanted to talk with the responible on the phone, she told her co-worker she had to fix it herself. Clearly the responsable was cowardly! Finally we didn't get any compensation for loosing two days.

3 years ago by Anonymous
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