Bought mugs on 12/12/2016 @ around 5pm, with written prices on the bottom 11,10€ and 12,90. After paying, I noticed that they charged me 12,90€/mug, so I complained that on one it's written in the bottom 11,10€, but the guy cashier said he couldn't give me a "reduction" because he can't do it and the other lady cashier said it's their mistake, they should have written 12,90€ on the other mug, so the guy cashier took the mug and erased the 11,10€ and placed 12,90€ then that's it.... I felt shocked and disappointed, but as I was in a hurry for my trip back home and I had to buy the mugs as a gift requested from me, so after arguing with them , I just took off with the mugs. But really, is that the way you French cashiers in Starbucks Lyon part died commercial center treat your Asian costumers???

3 years ago by Anonymous
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