AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! Horrible arrogant, rude staff! Russian speaking bitch had thrown my bowl of salad in front of me in a silence, no "Enjoy", no "bon apetite", no "Your order, Sir", nothing. She just smashed the food on my table angrily and left without a word!!! Not even giving me a look or a smile!!! She treated me like I was an obnoxious insect, not a customer!!! I have never had a worst experience and never been treated so badly by an utterly arrogant and rude staff in my life!!! The food was disgusting, rice with chicken and veggies with some peanut butter sauce on it! Rice was cold and SWEET!!! So was the horrible tasting sauce on it!! I think they are using refined sugar in the food, which is preposterous given they are trying to pass for a healthy salad fast food!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! This is not a healthy fast food pushing salads. This is a joke and a mistake that should not exist on the market! Czech people deserve better!!!

2 years ago by Crotcha
#3296 Rating 1/5

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