Poor professionality.Arrogant doctor which makes patient feel stupid and not listen to patient saying that the patient does not have to tell the doctor what to do when I asked politely to do more tests to check further on my pain. Instead he refused and he gave me first expensive antibiotics without even test If I really had an infecction. He did not gave me any solution more than It is normal to have pain all the time .Then he recommended me to take the medicine called Alvedon (Paracetamol) everyday if the pain continues.Also he was laughing at what another doctor wrote in my journal while he was reading my entire medical history.I changed to another clinic in Stockholm where other doctors were more helpful and professional. I talked to two women more who also have been his patients and they are also dissapointed with this doctor in Hornstull Gynmottagning. If you have not had a good experience with any doctor in Sweden, you should be aware you can always make a formal complaining in the swedish health system.Just google "IVO" (Inspektionen för vård och sorg)

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