Please do NOT go to VICKY ANTOINETTE (currently in Mallow) do not waste your money. She is a complete charlatan. I paid 70 euro to see her yesterday. She spent about 80% of the time telling me that my partner was no good for me and to leave him. Then said a man from work will start texting you but he has a girlfriend so I'd encourage you to have a fling with him coz you deserve a little fun. She told me to dump the guy I'm with now and have fun with the other fella, until I get bored. The truth is I AM SINGLE.. there is NO men in my life(I work from home so there's no "guy from work") and unlike her I DO have a moral compass so would NEVER entertain any guy that was already in a relationship. She had to leave Cork city as a disgruntled customer (she told me it was a man so I'm assuming maybe one of the husbands that was abandoned by their wives under her advice). He broke her face and she ended up out of work and having to flee to Mallow. Karma catches up on everyone, even unscrupulous thieving Charlatan's such as herself. The thing is I do Angel cards myself and read palms so I could tell immediately that she was a fake. Not 1 bit of accuracy from her at all. She cried during our reading as she thought I'd cry too, I didn't. It just sent alarms ringing (FAKE!) and she kept insisting on hugging me, her way of trying to fake a bond so you'd pay her. The hugging felt SO forced and made me so uncomfortable. I gave her the 70 and left because I thought if you're that desperate for my money you can have it. I feel physically ill thinking about all of the relationships she must have broken up just out of her own greed. Lets be honest, relationships are difficult, this charlatan knows most people argue with their spouses/ partners so people are already vulnerable to being in a position to be told to leave their partner. I hope Karma puts a stop to this evil woman. She's an abomination. (BUYER BEWARE!! Save your Money, VICKY ANTOINETTE is a FAKE!)

2 years ago by Mary Beth
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