Kaffi Duus - beware check your bill

Three different scam attempts. The woman at the bar was sour faced in the extreme. First I was told I couldnt have soup because there was no bread (later I saw a big pile of it in a basket) and I was quoted a ridiculous price for soup with no bread. Next she tried to charge me for a drink for my son, despite it being part of the set meal I had ordered. When my order was rung up on the till, I was baffled as to why my card wouldn't swipe. I checked the console and found I had been charged double, a considerable amount of money. When I queried this, she changed it, but on calculating what the bill should be, I found it was still more than I expected. On looking at the menu, I found I had been charged double for one item. Worse of all there was no attempt at apology for this litany of "errors" and I was made to feel I was being a nuisance for objecting to being ripped off! Was going to visit their museum but changed my mind.

🇮🇸 Kaffi Duus