Good value meals and coffee. Unfortunately giving up on this place. First visit meals finally arrived after 35 minutes (two crepes) but it took another 20 minutes for our coffees - they had forgotten. Only 5 customers in the place. Second time it took 25 minutes for 2 coffees. Excuse was they were busy. 6 customers. Third time - today - was as hopeless. Nobody cleaned up tables as people left. Our table was still loaded with dirty dishes when we ordered our coffees. Reminded staff 35 minutes later that our order had not been served. Had been forgotten - like dirty dishes on every table including ours. Another reminder 15 minutes later was received with surprised look as no sign.of previously found order. Took another 15 minutes for coffee to finally arrive with excuse the place was busy... and we had to ask for table to be cleaned. Decent meals IF you get served.

10 months ago by Miquette
#3624 Rating 3/5

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