Went there for dinner. Should've read the signs when there is no customer in there, but we were lured by the tomyam on the menu. BIG MISTAKE. As we sat down, we noticed the ventilation is bad... There is a very dirty sink visible right outside the kitchen. The waitress is unfriendly... And cannot understand simple words like "sky juice". Then.. Came the food - we ordered the tomyam maggi, sour chicken rice.. And the breakfast set. We were greeted with uncooked noodles (three tiny tiny chunks of meat), chicken that tastes like rubber (or worse), and they forgot to add in the luncheon meat for the breakfast set. The price is not cheap as well for this terrible dining experience. The food was at least RM9+ without much ingredients, you could actually count the chunks of meat with one hand. That's not including the drinks pricing. A very very bad deal, please don't get conned by the photos on the banner.

10 months ago by Regretful
#3639 Rating 1/5

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