If you really care about your pets, you must avoid this place. I left my cat with them for several months. They completely ignored the fact that the cat got sick and lost appetite, and let him starve himself. So these guys don't monitor neither amount of food eaten nor weight of the animals. The cat clearly starved for a month or even longer. They didn't notice that he went from overweight to extremely underweight condition. The starvation resulted in hepatic lipidosis, which is a serious life-threatening condition. I paid 9k in vet bills and spent two months not showing up in my office and nursing my boy as he required intensive care after 2 weeks at the hospital. What was the reaction of small paws on that? They responded as a driver who hits a pedestrian and flees from the scene. They showed no compassion, they didn't offer any help with nursing, they didn't offer a refund for the stay, their insurance agent called me to insult my accent and offered only 50% of the vet bills for starving my cat to almost dying! AVOID THIS PLACE!!! NAME AND SHAME IT TO YOUR FRIENDS!!!

5 months ago by Anastasia
#3652 Rating 1/5

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