The ancestral house at 378 Sta. Catalina St. Carcar City, Cebu does not belong to the Alcudia Family. This is the ancestral house of Mr. and Mrs. Esteban Juario and, therefore, belongs to the Juario Family. It should be correctly identified as the ancestral house of the Juario Family - not Alcudia Family. The Alcudia family is just allowed to stay there because they do not have their own house. Unfortunately, the ancestral house has not been well maintained by its current occupant. The ancestral house is now for sale. Anybody who is interested in buying it may contact the living heirs of Mr. and Mrs. Esteban Juario: Rodrigo Juario at 727-C N. Bacalso Ave. (Site Little Baguio) Mambaling Cebu City, Sr. Clarisse Juario in St. Theresa's College or Queen of Peace, Quezon City or Dr. Jesus Juario at 29-B Emerald St., Buena Hills, Guadalupe Cebu City.

1 year ago by Jesus V. Juario, Ph.D.
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