Lonely Planet - Edmonton 2017

Edmonton is truly an extraordinary city with a quality of life second to none. Although the city has had some excellent reviews in the past few years it still, unfortunately, has to deal with the occasional uninformed, outdated, stereotypical review similar to that presented by Lonely Planet. The worst stereotype the city still deals with regards the city’s climate. Frigid? Compared to where? Edmonton has the second mildest climate of any major Canadian prairie city. This is because of the city’s westerly location which gives it access to mild Pacific air in the winter, but without the extreme and abrupt temperature fluctuations seen in Calgary. Furthermore, it is well-known that Saskatoon, Regina, and especially Winnipeg have more severe winters than Edmonton. It doesn’t help when residents of the city spout the same, stereotypical garbage about the severity of the city’s climate as people who live outside the city. Edmonton is a vibrant, rapidly changing metropolis that will eventually win over the hearts and minds of non-Edmontonians as they learn about the truth of this beautiful city.

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