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I am a new resident of pleasant village and I saw a sign as you pass guard gate saying 10 pm curfew. I like to walk at night because it is cooler and I have always given my little dog a walk late at night . Does this mean I cannot leave my house and walk around the neighborhood with my dog after 10 pm or does it mean the people living outside the gates of pleasant village cannot walk the streets of pleasant village after 10 pm also confussed about rating is 5 s good rating or is a 1 a good rating so I left rating blank because of the ambiguous way it is posted would not send my message unless I have a rating so I have a 5 as being good

11 months ago by Jeffrey mccarty
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JEFFREY MCCARTY 11 months ago
Want to know what 10pm curfew means in pleasant village i am new resident and want to know if i a resident cannot walk my dog around the neighborhood after 10 pm or does it mean the people who live outside the gate of pleasant village