It can be a bit intimidating at first - what with the high energy, and beautiful people running the place. To be honest, I didn't think I would make it through my first week, as I am notorious for starting out strong and then disappearing forever (yes.. I am 'that guy' when it comes to fitness)... Then I discovered how helpful, caring, and genuine the people are here. They are just trying to help you achieve your goals, and have a damn good time while doing it. If you have injuries or physical limitations - they work with you to modify the exercises so you can still get a good work out in, and not feel useless or down about yourself. Every class is different and, even though I am improving with each class, every class is still a challenge. It has been quite a few months now since I joined, and I now find myself going on a regular basis (2-3 times a week) and most weeks that doesn't feel like it's often enough! It is easy to keep coming back when the staff (and the members) take the time to help you, and make you really feel like one of the family. I joined with the intent to just have a good time - and learn how to punch someone in the face lol. I stayed because of the culture. 5/5 stars - no question.

1 year ago by Ashley H
#3768 Rating 5/5

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