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camping unless the caretaker takes a liking to you, you are sent down the back and told go be with the junkies, or get out the gate if you have paid for 2 weeks camping, Ron will try to contact you to tell you to move so 2 friends can be together and when they leave he sends you out the gate or tells you to f*&( off my wife and I have no quarrels as to where we camp but need to be near the toilets as we have medical issues, and if you work in the mines you have preference as to go under shelter, or near the toilet block a number of people have had enough of the rude ignorance of the care taker and if things need to be cleaned or work done round the grounds he will drive down back , rev his engine or yell at the boys to get out and do stuff round the grounds and then abuse them when they get hurt and offer no medical assistance .. a big review needs to be done for this lazy abusive so called ground keeper , we have been to a lot of show grounds and this by far gets a big "DO NOT COME HERE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE ABUSED OR SWORN AT IF YOU NEED TO STAY EXTRA TIME OR FEW DAYS" and you are not aloud to talk to people next door, or play any form of music unless you work in the mines and as far as phone calls go , you not aloud to have it on loud speaker as it will disrupt people , and as far as the speed limit goes if he thinks you drive to fast he will boot you out even if you drive at a crawling speed . I know a few people that will never ever go back and this being the only camp area in the area we now have to travel extra hour out of Muswellbrook just to get a camp spot with drinking and washable and power site and for the same money even internet and a swimming pool so they loose, pity Muswellbrook need to miss out just because the care taker is rude and arrogant , HE NEEDS TO GO TO SAVE MUSWELLBROOK AND GET CAMPERS BACK IN THE SHOW GROUND and if you need a better spot to camp we now choose SANDY HOLLOW TOURIST PARK

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Weary traveller 10 months ago
the bloke that collects the tariff for showground I found to be arrogant and not welcoming for the tired traveller , so if you not really need to stop here then don't he will look after the person working in the mines than the weary traveller, which is wrong the traveller brings money to Muswellbrook in the way of shopping and restocking, so unless he goes a lot of people are giving bad reviews to travellers in all caravan parks and other showgrounds, so well done care taker you are ruining for Muswellbrook