I had botox done here and wasn't happy with the result at all I asked the doctor to redo my botox and get rid of my lines I still had and she refused and asked me for more money. I was made to wait 30 minutes to see her after I complained and was left with lines that looked like I was injected with water. I am left with having to take this to consumer trading standards and the senior medical board as I have been treated with un due care and attention and she took less than 3 minutes to inject me but took 5 minutes to count my 250 pound. I have been treated by this company with no respect or consideration and the doctor only wants your money and is not interested in giving you care or after care or giving you the result you want it is purely about the money. Please be aware before you book this.

1 year ago by K.Burton
#4011 Rating 1/5

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