This is THE WORST CAFE EXPERIENCE so far I have encountered throughout my life. This was what happened. We were the only table when we visited. We asked for set lunch and ordered 4 sets of lunch and the waiter had taken our orders. After 10 minutes, the daughter of the cafe’s owner came and told us that today they’re not serving set lunch because of public holiday and asked us to change our orders in a bad attitude yet we followed the instructions and changed our orders. Out of a sudden, the lady boss of the cafe came, we wanted to tell her about this incident so that next time the same thing won’t be happening to other customers, and she told us this : We have the rights to choose whether want to serve our set lunch or not. After that she just turned around and switched off all the airconditioners and fans. The whole area became so warm. We were shocked and we just leave after paying the bills without even waiting for all the food to be served. Are you sure you are opened for business? This kind of attitude and service is just too much for any customer who just want to settle his/her lunch in a harmonius environment. We don’t deserved this.

8 months ago by Anonymous
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