DO.NOT.GIVE.THIS.BUSINESS.YOUR.MONEY. Do you wonder why their reviews are turned off on Facebook? Just search Look n Good beauty on Facebook and you will see proof of messages from people they have scammed. I had done business with Carissa and Nathan Evans for almost a year however, two weeks ago they took my payment and never gave me product I paid for. Look 'n' Good Beauty was always pretty "reliable" i.e my extensions would come in the mail eventually - but now they have blocked from commenting on their facebook and changed their numbers. They blame it on someone hacking their accounts and phone number(? you can't send texts from another number). I have received concerning messages from the Business Directer - Nathan Evans - he seems to be the hairdresser Carissa's Boyfriend. Nathan Evans messaged me at 3:30AM saying I owed him $1,300 (how?) and have had countless missed calls from both Carissa and Nathan. Also received concerning messages from Nathan saying he was coming to my house because he wanted to meet me? Pretty concerning as I live a hours drive from the salon. No effort has been made to send me my product or refund me my money. Very disappointing as they used to be a great business. Please do your research before using a company that is sketchy and takes peoples hard earned money without giving them the product/service they paid for. Just search them on facebook and you will be able to see how many people they have ripped off.

8 months ago by Brittany
#4196 Rating 1/5

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