La Bella vespa - Be aware of the risks!

This rental company is not for those not familiar with riding scooters. My vespa didn't have a working velocimeter or tank meter. You get a 30 second instruction of how to ride, and then follow a GPS on to a path that goes through heavy traffic areas, requiring some difficult maneuvers to be done which becomes quite dangerous when you are not experienced. On top of this the insurance offered is purely third party insurance, meaning that inexperienced drivers are not covered for any damage to themselves or to the bike. This combined with the paths we are lead likely results in some scares and a lost deposit. I should also note how the attitude of the owner when dealing with a damaged vespa was extremely rude and unprofessional. Overall I think it's a very irresponsible business practice and strongly recommend looking for any other activity unless you know what you are doing.

🇧🇪 La Bella vespa