Worst service at Bidvest Wertern Union Sunnypark ever! So today the 16/06/2018 myself and husband went to the Bidvest Western Union Branch in Sunnypark Sunnyside. I must say I have never experienced such a horrible attitude from any cashier ever. So we walk in the bank and I fill in the send money form as I wanted to send R500 to my sister in Botswana. There were like 3 people in front of me on the queue, before it could be my turn an elderly man came in and asked if he could go in front of me because he was there before but had to go and collect his ID. I permitted the man to go in, first of all I was so disturbed by the manner at which the cashier was talking to the man. ‘So much attitude from this cashier’!!! I just told myself to take it easy. When it was my turn I went through to the window, She asked me to provide my ID an proof of residence, which I did, and then asked if it my first time sending money and I said yes. Let me go back a little bit, before I was attended to there is a lady that came in and sat at the next cashier desk which was empty. After I was asked if its my first time to send the money this cashier woman has the audacity to ask me to sit down she wants to help the girl who just came in just because I had to fill in a form that she just gave me that required only my names, ID number and signature. First of all she didn’t even say sorry can I please help that lady first because she was here previously or anything. She just said ‘Go and sit there I want to help that lady’ Me still keeping my cool I went back and my husband came and asked why is this lady giving you attitude I said I do not know. From the expression we got is that the cashier and the lady know each other At last it was my turn again, I went to the window and the woman has the nerve to ask me why am I anger and what was I saying where I was. I said to her if I had anything to complain about I will say it to you face. This woman goes on to tell me that she knows that I am doing third party sending of money if she likes she will stop helping me. I said to her look at my ID and see where I come from, you will notice that I am from Botswana and I am sending just R500 to my sister. This woman tells me I am sending money on behalf of my Nigerian husband and she is not going to help me she is going to put a flag on the system, I can go to another branch and report her anywhere I like. My husband and I were very anger stormed out and went to the Acradia branch only to find it closed. I then goggled the contact details of sunnypark Bidvest and got hold of an angel by the name of Rochelle who was at the moneygram side, I asked to speak to the manager, she told me the manager will only be available on Monday and she went to ask is she could help. I explained what I had just experienced at Western union side, she apologised and asked if I could come through so she can help me. We went back to Bidvest, I explained to Rochelle what had just happened to me. She told me that she will open and account for me but they there is no moneygram in Botswana. She will still have to assist me at the western union side where this witch was sitting. Apparently, her name is Joyce. She is the most horrible service provider agent I have ever came across. What bothers me is her confidence in saying I can go and report her anywhere. Is that how she was trained? Is it because she knows nothing will happen to her? My advise to you Madam Joyce is do not think because you can treat foreigners in Sunnyside anyhow because they are desperate for your service you can treat anyone anyhow. Bidvest is not your father’s company. It is an international company that has built good repetition for itself. Bitter people like you does nothing but cost the company. I might be just sending R500 with a charge of R79. How about if I was sending 10 times that money? Any management reading this, I want to know what action was taken regarding this matter. People like Joyce should not be serving anybody. I believe the bank has CCTV service, You may look at the video. 16/06/2018 around 10 -11am Contact details: 0718566504 Thank you so much Rochelle for a great service.

9 months ago by Mpho
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