The worst owner. I came to the lodge after a long day of hike and came to this one cause it looked so beautiful. After a nap I went to the sinning room and asked about the dal bhatt. The owner said that she already made it for other guests so she will give me the one that she made already. I said that I don't eat spicy. At All. She said that she doesn't want to make another one and offer me that I'll try it and then decide. I tried alittle but and it was very spicy for me so I couldn't eat it. I said that I'll order a breakfast and for now I'll go to eat somewhere else cause I want dal bhatt. This owner took the menu from my hand and told me to go and stay somewhere else. I didn't understand at first and then she took my books and throw them on the floor and said get out! Get out! She started to scream at me very loudly, 'Move!!! Move!! I don't want to see your face!!! Go!! Go faster go!!!! Get out!' Then she imitated me crying, which I wasn't, but I was abused the night before so I didn't feel good when I came, and she just imitated me crying. I took my book from the floor, packed my stuff and went to another village at 5pm. The owner never said anything that I need to eat dinner at the hotel, because I was paying for the room! And she treat me like ..... because I didn't want to eat the spicy dal bhatt that she made for other people. Decide for yourself if the beautiful place worth this kind of owner.

10 months ago by Galina Koifman
#4273 Rating 1/5

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