After she spent a few months in hospital my life partner found out his grandmother passed away in such a way he didn't deserve. The nurse at the nursing station clearly aware that were there to see a patient during visiting hours, couldn't stop to think how sensitive death is which is quite surprising considering it's in her field. As we approach the nurse station and ask where granny is, not even thinking much of it because just the week before they had moved her from one room to another, she decided to comment about the police making us aware that the worst case scenario has finally arrived. I was distraught before l was even told about her death. The nurse had no care what she said or how she said it and in fact couldn't wait to get back to the nursing station. Im so disappointed by the nursing staff because they treat us like they are doing us a favour. What happens to the Batho Pele principles? Specifically l would like to address the Redress principle because my partner didn't deserve to hear that his sole surviving member of his immediate family passed away like that, it's so disrespectful.

8 months ago by Masego
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