We were for a weekend in Bouillon. We had breakfast in our hotel around 10 am and my husband wanted to eat something in the afternoon. As it was almost 14.00 h and we were expected at the hotel for dinner around 19h, I decided only to drink something. I wasn't hungry at all. They told us that if 1 guest would not eat, only drink : he has to pay 4 euro extra. I agreed with it. However when we received the bill , it wasn' 4 € extra but 8 € extra we had to pay (also 4 € for my husband who ordered the pizza !!!) I contested and said that we didn't agree, But he had no ears for my remarks. The lady at the table next to ours said that she didn't understand this policy at all. She really supported us but even though he didn't change his point of view. We had to pay 8 € extra for "I don't know what" !! I told him that I certainly would not make publicity for his restaurant and that's the reason why I write down this comment. On the other hand, the Panorama Hotel where we stayed in Bouillon was extraordinary : Top hotel, top restaurant and top service

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