asharamum got assoul and soul of death mochum not going to say proper will ask our muchum to listen god. padang jawa asharamum anyway cannot takes your properties belong reason need god bless. can mariage but cannot have baby in your stomach will die. wiill come to see this month around this week 6/1/2019 she already mariage in spritual power why wasting time and money for this big girl buying "nestum" in spritual power her properties with me mean in spritual power should understood both same in real look and see. (dvy10m/nob) can give to her spritual power she know better than me death snake "give me the book"voices girl in pooja she death girl she cannot have baby after mariage will have uniform spritual power,take from hare ram uk or usa must wear that devil and evil will disturbs you that reason your frog with me and properties many usa people to have your properties but we didnt its seal she can make listen talk to god that clear very nearer in heaven not up heaven down sea and earth.

5 months ago by panneer selvam
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