Grassl's Bistro-Cafe - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

We visited Grassl's Bistro-Café in October 2018. It was a VERY BAD and Unpleasant experience. We stopped at this café because the views were beautiful we thought we could get some nice pictures with the beautiful mountains in the background. That is the only nice thing I can say about this place. We found a table outside and were taking pictures while we waited. We waited for about 20 minutes before the waitress even came over to our table. There were only 3 other couples outside and the inside was completely empty. We politely mentioned that we had been waiting awhile and she snapped, " I am busy." So we left it at that and ordered some pastries and hot chocolate. She did not get in a hurry about bringing back our food. It felt like she was deliberately taking a long time. She finally brought the cake and pastries and our hot chocolate. The cake was very dry and the icing was a bitter chocolate. It did not taste as pretty as it looked. The hot chocolate was luke warm and made with water. The place was starting to clear out where there were only 1 couple and me and my husband. I think she forgot about us because she never came back to bring us the check like she had the other people who were in there earlier. So my husband went up to the counter inside and asked the owner for a check. The owner a blonde woman barked at him, "Can't you see I am with a guest?" She was not with a guest she was gossiping with a local man. I apologized to her for interrupting and said we were in a hurry we needed to catch our bus back into Munich. She looked directly at her friend and said, "Excuse me I will be back these Americans don't know how to behave." I was extremely shocked and offended that she would make such a comment like that to a paying customer. I apologized to her again because I didn't want her to think we were trying to be rude. The friend replied back, "Stupid American learn how to behave when you come here." My husband got upset at this point and he threw the money on the counter told her to keep the change that these stupid Americans were leaving and the only stupid thing we did was come into her café. There were many other friendly establishments in this town but Café Grassl is not one of them.

🇩🇪 Grassl's Bistro-Cafe