Bad experience, unskillful techniques. End up knowing how bad is the services. "Cut Head Price" RM128 and need extra payment for massage, and the price told to be up to RM200+ with such service. Is that Chinese new year promotion makes your facial skill worsen because you had an awful promotion price ? I don't think this can called as professional or Signature skincare shop. Please go and change yourself or else you get to be closed in no time. I doubt your skill and your services as poor as it can be. This could called as a scam if you had this kind of services with this kind of price. Perfunctory services that makes me think of those good comments are actually self worker whose gave good rating to scam more customers. You need to know that, unskilled skincare services shouldn't be as expensive as professional skincare shop's price should be. Know your place and know your price of your skill. I would give negative stars if i'm able to.

6 months ago by Unknown
#4764 Rating 1/5

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