Entoto Natural Park - The Hidden Dream Path Behind the Sanctuary

Attractively inviting amongst the purging water and the seductively curved river banks cliffs start here below Entoto Kidane Mehret the alluring options for the continued hiking adventure. With a river character of beach curved rocks in harmonious wave formations where the children play, and the laundry dries on the inviting soft and clean, polished rock bed, this place is a really appealing beauty to appreciate already the first steps on the bridge below Entoto Kidane Mehret. The community Entoto Kidane Mehret - An Elevated Protectorate. The society Entoto Kidane Mehret is a very dedicated and appealing mountain town but should indeed more precisely be described as a deeply devoted religious Sanctuary and Protectorate of Nature and Inhabitants. Entirely surrounded by its society, this sanctuary with its station is characterized by an inviting cosiness, but together with an accompanied impression of unique classic magnificence that cannot be expected in a massive rock ledge of a mountain The courtyard of this sanctuary is very open and extensive but indeed invitingly cosy and soothing. The reasons for this surprisingly impressive feeling of well-being and harmony are indeed the well-tuned architecture, but also that this whole place is embraced by a natural and refreshing roof of high, fragrant and native Juniper trees, which delicately delimit the interior courtyard in a private walled setting. Furthermore, this sanctuary with its Church and Monastery are astonishing hidden, tucked into the mountain massif rising shoulder where perception arises very soon to be careful because precipices and gullies take over immediately when you just move away from a little piece of this remarkable protective plateau and its quaint surrounding mountain ledge town. Despite this somewhat harsh highland air the hiking is entirely captivating and comfortable but require regular rest but also the very essential to drink regularly and this from the brought-with and robust water bottle. However, here underneath in the valley and just after the handcrafted bridge rises the mountain's slope towards Entoto's high plateau continuously upwards towards secret places of pure serenity and this often with views of breathtakingly beautiful hights. Well fragrant and aesthetically unforgettably alluring are these paths from Entoto Kidane Mehret's valley bottom gully and the river there they rise towards breathtakingly sublime heights of aesthetically unforgettable dream paths. Addis Ababa the Capital can here be seen veiled in the morning's mist. ln an alpine-like Highland, a dramatic landscape reveals forgotten secrets, where a light trembling wind caressed a consciousness in awe. Sojourning in eternal celestial domains a fragrance of forgotten purity was delivered as a call from far beyond. Thus, above the mist, brought this morning a scene where enchantingly along the slope rise towering Juniper trees from the days of old. Precious lifts their fragrance of honey, where the aroma of wild incense is calling. These are the awakening Juniper trees, beauty from the past, so intense and graceful that memory beyond time appears.

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