We were very very disappointed to the staff of this beach today especially that I am 10 years coming back and forth to this location but today I would never recommend this place to anyone anymore because the staff are scary ! When we arrived to the beach early this morning one lady staff approached us and I think she was the cashier and she was already rude to us but were trying to be nice because we want to have fun ! As we looked and try to choose a cottage that worth of 2,000-2200 pesos one young male staff rudely approached us and unwilling to answers all our questions/concerns about "If the Karaoke/Videoke machine is properly working if we will rent the 2,200 cottage but he was very disrespectful and looked at us like we couldn't afford the cottage price and he was very boastful, rude , disrespectful even to my parent who were asking questions "if he can recommend/pointed us another cottage that we could take a look with the above price range but he was acting very tough, unprofessional and unwilling to help us to feel comfortable as their customers , but we wanted to have fun and we wanted to enjoy our day by having a good time but this young male staff was already having a bad day at 7:00AM in the morning but we tried to ignored the bad attitude towards us not only him but all the women staff there seemed like they were in the monthly cycle because they were very disrespectful as well by being rude and unwilling to answers all our concerns/questions if they do they were being overly unprofessional and very sarcastic with all their answers ! We tried to ignored all their disrespects comments/answers despite of I wasn't happy of their customer service and being professional as soon as we arrived but still we decided to rented out the 2000 pesos cottage and everything was fine until the last minute of our stay because none of them approached us to even apologized of their behavior earlier!!!!We paid 2000 pesos for cottage but every time we use the bathroom we have to pay either 3 pesos, 5 pesos and so on and so forth but still we've paid it all anyways without hesitations but the last minute of our stay were the WORSE and SCARY experienced we've encountered when "CHINO" the young male staff who was treated us RUDELY!!!POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!BOASTFUL!!!UNFRIENDLY STAFF THAT SUPPOSED TO BE NOT WORKING IN THAT KIND OF JOB THAT DEALS DIFFERENT PEOPLE AND DIFFERENT RACES!!!WHO FIGHT THE CUSTOMERS BY GIVING THEM A SARCASM ANSWERS!!!! WHO MADE HIS CUSTOMERS VERY UNCOMFORTABLE TO STAY!!! WHO RAISED HIS EYE-BROWS AND TONE OF VOICE!!! WHO ACTED SMART ASS WHEN SARCASTICALLY ANSWERING OUR QUESTIONS/CONCERNS !!!WHO NEVER LISTENS TO THE CUSTOMERS CONCERNS , DISRESPECTFUL EVEN TO THE OLD PEOPLE ,UNPROFESSIONAL had been THREATENED TO SHOOT US AFTER ONE OF OUR COLLEAGUE ACCIDENTALLY FELL ON THE TUB AND HE WAS ACTING A VERY EVIL STAFF TO DEAL WITH BECAUSE OF HIS BAD TEMPER AND BEHAVIOR AND HE ASKED US TO PAY ADDITIONAL 500 PESOS FOR THAT TOO SO THEY PAID IT BUT I COULDN'T GET OVER HOW HE POORLY TREATED US SINCE WE ARRIVE AND I'VE NEVER FELT HUMILIATED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE THAN THIS SCUM BUG PIECE OF SHIT WHO DISRESPECTED MY PARENTS IN FRONT OF ME SO BEFORE WE LEFT THE BEACH ME AND MY SIS IN-LAW CONFRONTED HIM/THEM THAT WE WERE NOT HAPPY THE WAY HE WAS RUDELY TREATED US SINCE WE ARRIVED ! He stood us and willing to hit us and made a threats again to kill us because of it so my youngest brother was taking a video just in case but he went straight towards him and grabbed his phone , pushed and punched my brother and he fell and he grabbed his necklace and never returned and that's why some of our family members ran towards us to make sure we were okay but this young male staff can't take a feedback from a customer and he was willing to kill us because he said so even we are a female customers he didn't care which was very scary staff to deal with who confronted his bad behavior towards us and that's when 3 of my family members got out from the vehicle to help our younger brother whom he pushed and punch and he was fighting and punching my brothers and my dad came and tried to separate them all but the young male staff pushed my dad and punched him too and he fell on the ground and he ran to the beach store inside and locked the door and took the necklace of my younger brother that worth of almost 10K pesos and broke two of their phones ! I want to file a formal complaint against to the management/owner of this resort because of everything what we've experienced today not mentioning we have 4 little kids with us and by making a threat to us it was already a criminal offense !!!! This beach shouldn't be open anymore because of these kind of staff around ! Until now I am still shaking because of the humiliation we've got from the poor management and money hunger staff with poor customer services !!!! I want to sue this resort of everything what we've encountered today !!!!! Never ever go to this resort ! They have scary and rude staff!!! I would never recommend this beach especially if you have kids and if the same staff are still there especially the scary male staff "Chino".Do not come to this beach ever !!! I am traumatized until now !

6 months ago by RIZA
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