First impressions of this tourist trap were indeed good as I am interested in herbal remedies. However my pleasure has been short lived and I really wish I had read other reviews prior to visiting this establishment. Firstly do not believe the titles of Dr or indeed that of student when it comes to being offered a massage. They are neither doctors or students unless you can count the education of ripping gullible tourists off as ethical. Secondly the products they use on demonstrations are not what you will be sold in the shop. I ended up spending over £200 on creams and now I have them home I am unable to use any o& them due to the face creams and oils causing me to have terrible eye stinging and watering which lasts for hours. I did not obviously put the cream near to my eyes but still it contains an ingredient that makes my eyes terribly infected and painful. I must now throw all of my products away as they are unsafe. I intend to contact my credit card company to complain and ask if they can look into re-claiming my money. This place is a scam !!!!!!

10 months ago by Marina Marler
#4807 Rating 1/5

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