After undergoing a procedure recently to prevent a repeat miscarriage as per doctor's recommendation, my daughter and baby was doing fine. However less than a week later she complained of back pains and returned to the clinic for a checkup. She was told that the baby was doing great but she had picked up an infection which according to him is common in pregnancy and was given an injection along with a prescription for some medication. Three days later she was back to see him as a result of heavy bleeding which started after taking the said injection. Sadly, not only did she lose the baby again and had to pay even more than the fee for the first procedure, but the circumstances surrounding the entire situation seems bizarre. She was given seven days leave for health insurance coverage, and at the end of that when she went back to ask for a few more days because she was still having back and abdominal pains, the said Dr Roberts gave her a referral to a different hospital to do an ultrasound then to return to see him. This whole situation leaves a bitter taste because while I believe that there are some things which we have no control over, I do believe that exposing a patient who is considered a high-risk case to conditions which can be potentially more harmful to their overall well being is not the way forward. I have no issues with anyone who had a successful story but this is mine so as far as recommending to others, I would not.

10 months ago by Faye
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