Disappointed! This is why people hate unprofessional, 3rd class Sri Lankan hotel culture. Not recommending. I was searching a place to have a gathering with my friends and this place was seems great with its google ratings and posted photos. Because I couldn't find a proper web app to do my reservation I called them and did a reservation. When I called them they were very friendly and I was keeping hopes to have a great time. The other day I was near to the hotel and called them to ask something and then they were telling their Chef is not well so they cant provide food so and please not to come. We were pretty much closer to the hotel, traveled bit far spent our time so I was trying to bring foods out side and have our time. Then they begin to tell another lies and so and so we called to the owner. Finally they accepted that they have followed an unprofessional procedure and accepted another big offer, reserved the hotel for another. This is so disgusting and non acceptable. I have dealt with many Sri Lankan hotels and this was the time a hotel behaved this much unprofessional third class procedure.

8 months ago by Shamma
#4852 Rating 1/5

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