Yes. I remembered this ministry (Semarak Revival Centre) and Glory Place Prayer Centre(GP), they brough harm to my family member, my brother. They tried to recruit him into their cult movement. He was brained washed by them to quit from his job even though he has 3 children and a wife to support. This ministry forced him to burn all his certificates and degree qualification, he ruined his career. All his money in the bank and savings was stolen by the Church. He was forced to sell his house and new Honda Civic and give all the money to the church. This ministry forced him to stop sending his children to School. Brained washed him and taught him all the wrong teachings and doctrines, they asked him to fast for 70 days without food and water.His wife divorced him after 6 months of joining this cult because he was unable to support his family. They teach you wrong teaching and doctrines. This ministry stole everything from him. I am writing this and hope hope there is no more victims like my bother(WARNING!!!), to ask you to quite your job, ruined your career and stop sending your children to school and scamming all his hard earned money. It took at least 7 years to recover all the mental and emotional hurts caused by this Ministry. Today, his children working in a petrol station and low paying job here and there. All the false doctrines and teachings Pastor Jean Lim and Semarak Revival Centre(SRC) caused so much of harm to countless of people around the world. Please don't be the NEXT Victim! At your own RISK, l have warned your already. For those people who want to contribute to stop this cult movement, you can do it by re-posting all the comments in this blogs about this Ministry and warn all your friends, relatives, children and public about this Ministry.

3 months ago by Petrus
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