Please do not go to this salon. you will regret. Really, i wont give even one star to this poor and miserable hair salon. this salon is operated by family, the owner AKA hair stylish that do not know how to cut hair. i recently got my hair cut by this so called Larry, my hair look like dog bite now. i think dog can do better job. The hair cut took 3 hours and he used a RULER to measure my hair while cutting (ridiculous!!!). i have short hair cut and after all the ruler measuring, still cut uneven and you can see with your naked eyes that my hair literally look like been bitten by dog. and within this 3 hours he will scold and shout at you if you moved your head. he said the haircut is not tidy or straight because you move your head. Crazy bastard!!! if not his mother inherited him the house, he wont able to survive with his money cheating scam. DO NOT go to this salon, else you will need another haircut to cut off the portion that bitten by dog. and you will need to bear with the ugly haircut for 6 months until your hair grow back!!! Wasting your time (you will need to wait 2-3 hours if you are second customer. then another 3 hours to cut your hair. total 5-6 hours just to get a haircut). if he tell you: please wait for just a moment. DO NOT fall into that shit. for Larry "a moment" = 2 hours. you can leave if there is even one customer before you. furthermore, you will need to bear with the rudeness of his indonesian maid and pull your hair with all her strength, treating you like her enemy. Larry, please have conscience and moral doing business. if you do not know how to cut hair, please admit and do not damage your customer hair.

3 months ago by jessie
#4996 Rating 1/5

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