We had wonderful time with family in Cherating,on my way back to Singapore (car) we stop by at Jom Nyendol Pekan. This small kiosk side of the main road facing Sungai Pahang river.When we arrive, one of the server (girl local) approch us for the table.Im trying to say in English but the she not understand and call another lady which is bring us the menu. The menu look unppropriate because its laminated A4 printed but some of the words blurry vision.I believe menu also impressed because every items clearly with description so for the customer more understand about the product.My advise it can be more presentable if they really concern and staff should had basic in English. Food such as Curry Mee and Nasi Dagang, I can say. tasty!.. including the drinks.My Son had Manggo ABC ,my daughter Cendol Pulut Durian,my husband Magical Dragon ABC and I choose to have Manggo Cendol..Wow! Incredible shaved ice options for hot weather..like right now. Multi races here with friends and family.Price reasonable,inviroment good, food and drinks delicious. Service need improvement exspecially in basic English communication. For local should be find but if foreigner it a bit difficult unless their menu with food & drinks picture. Overall,We will back next time and hope they will improve more.

4 months ago by Soo Yin Yun
#5074 Rating 4/5

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