saffron spice & herbal garden 21 - Avoid! and WHAT OUT!

WHAT OUT! This place is a tourist trap and a scam. They might give you some entertaining information about various plants that produce spices and herbs and oils. It's good to see these plants and trees for the first time. But their products are way over priced, and in some cases only store-bought products repackage as "ayurvedic" or "organic" which is not certain. Also, in the case of the hair-removal cream, it is fake: just Nair or Veet refilled in jars. Very shady business going on here. Avoid, and if you end up there, don't buy a thing! You can get some of the stuff much cheaper elsewhere. Like the packet of cinnamon sticks (market price Rs 900. They're price Rs 2900!). Repackaging, and misguiding consumers about content and benefit of products, and over pricing are all illegal according to Sri Lankan consumer law. If someone has the chance and time to report this kind of practice to the Consumer Affairs Authority of the Ministry of Trade there, I think it's worth the while to set a precedent and have them investigated. The complaints number is easy to find on the internet. Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to do it.

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