good day what is the policy when you are out of a product, do you have the customer stand in the long line and wait until they reach the cashier for them to you tell that we are out of it .I would very much like to know ,too often i go to different store stand in long line only to hear we do not have a product . and the clerks and supervisor need customer service . supervisor comment : if we dont have it what we fi duh. please tell them and me what to do unless they share the sentiment of the company. KFC KING STREET Sept 13,2019 minutes to 5pm to about 5:30pm, none of the zinger , no famous bowl this is a busy store we shouldn`t be hearing this, when is not that some instances they fill your order wrong and with attitude. Awaiting your respond to know if my family and I should break ourself to something else. Regards Myrtle Thompson

1 month ago by Myrtle Thompson
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