#1 - contractors do not fall under 670-1, so I have no idea why the ASG mayor thinks he can run around during dining hours making on the spot corrections to contractors for headwear and other such BS in the DFAC. Mostly he is ignored, which is pretty funny since he goes apeshit, but it is a nuisance and he needs to be dealt with, as we are trying to enjoy our meal before getting to work. You know, the work that actually gets done here in the Kandahar province, rather than most of the ISAF personnel and DACs that occupy this FOB and never leave the wire... We do, every day, in our company anyways, and wearing a hat in the DFAC is not a concern that anyone should have whether they are a dirty Fobbit or someone who actually gets shot at around here - and yes, we have holes in our aircraft on the regular. The staff has always been extremely rude, and absolutely inept. I have had issues when asking for specific portions (i.e. "please dont give me 2 giant spoons of rice" and then get attitude, and 2 giant spoons of rice anyways). This shouldn't be a problem, and neither should boiling eggs right. I have, on multiple occasions, cracked an egg and had it come out raw... WTF? We get a lot of shit as contractors. We actually conduct a training/combat/advisory mission here, and get paid well for it, and uniformed services, TCNs in the DFAC, and other unfortunate souls who are here either making basically nothing, or here against their will, are obviously jealous, and it shows. The DFAC is a place where we interact the most with these other folks and it definitely is an issue. I have been told by an E6 to my face that I make too much money, and that is unsat. If you want a better life, then make one for yourself, but I digress, this is a review about a DFAC, so I will end with this - Northline sucks, and so does Far East and Niagra for that matter. My honest opinion - hiring TCNs who neither speak or understand English or have basic cognitive skills is your first problem. Start with that - oh wait, you wanna make as much money off the US Government as possible so you hire these absolute morons for pennies a day. I would eat at Echos every day if I had the time, but I dont, because I actually have a mission, so the DFAC it is... Oh well. Guess I will spend my 800 bucks a day when I get home on rotation on some really fine dining where the cooks can cook and the wait staff knows their place and does a good job for a good tip.

3 weeks ago by Rich Ass Contractor
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