Royal Euro Construction - Royal Euro Construction is a Scam —- Do Not Trust!

Royal Euro Construction does not have a proper business address or website. Jurgens (Juri) Maklaj is a tile guy who supposedly owns the business. I met him through a partner of his whom I contacted in Kijiji for bathroom renovation. They came to the house to look at the job and gave me a price. The next day I decided to go ahead with it so I sent them a text to let them know. I then called Juri the following day and asked him to come because I had many questions about the tiles, shower glass, etc. He came and looked at it that night and we discussed about the details. That is when he asked for $2500 deposit to buy the materials. As he sounded that he knew most of the work required and how to do the job, I transferred him the deposit. As soon as the money transfer went through, he started giving excuses for not delivering the materials. He soon stopped answering calls and texts, and never showed up.

🇨🇦 Royal Euro Construction