Watch out for the trip hazard at the front doormat. Wine that we paid for was a small glass and only half filled. A bread roll with butter, then a second bread roll with very small amount of chopped vegetables. Corn fritters entrée , downright gluggy mess that needed water to be able to swallow. One mouthful was enough ! No choice of menu, you get what you are given. Mine was vegetable curry with boiled rice. Most unappetising. I sent it back. Then when everyone else had finished I got a replacement chicken dish (minus potatoes that others were given) 22 people in our group. Others sent food back also. Crème brulee was good, nearly all the pastries that came with it resembled dog biscuits were not eaten and returned to kitchen. Coffee served in large heavy cups, less than half coffee, after adding a small amount of milk it was cold ! The cost of food would have been very small but we paid $37.00. Not good value. The chef came round and spoke to some diners , but avoided those who had returned food. 24 hours later and feedback today from our group is that we were duded, but most were too polite to complain. There must be something wrong with the way these students are taught. I feel sorry for the students for not being given better guidance. I cannot see how this "hospitality training" is going to benefit the students.

3 months ago by Maurice Brown
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