I'm a regular customer for this hair studio, but sad to say that the service provided by this hair studio getting worse especially the senior Malay lady staff who is not honest and ethical enough. She keeps asking the customer to upgrade the service like to do hair scalp or use better quality of shampoo which will makes our hair smoother and healthier seriously i don't by using the shampoo the hair will looks smoother and healthier. I think this is just a tricks for them to earns extra commission only. When customer rejected to upgrade the service eventually she charged expensive on the hairdo which is 40%+ compared to my last hairdo. Her explaination is just because this time she use better quality products for the hairdo but my question is, if she use the better quality products for my hairdo which will lead to extra charges isn't she need to seek consent from the customer before she do it? Or this is just another tricks for her to earn extra money because I rejected to upgrade package. With reference to my above explanation, if you anyone still want to give yourself a try to this hair studio please be advised not to wear/dress nicely to this shop as the staff/owner will judge you by your outlook and simply charge higher/expensive.

2 weeks ago by Choon Xiang
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